By Mark Kleis
Friday, Mar 25th, 2011 @ 4:02 pm
One of the most important aspects of the recovery in Japan rests with the ability for crews to find a way to stop a total meltdown of the failing nuclear plants that were damaged during the earthquake and resulting tsunami earlier this month.

So far, every method immediately available ranging from pumps, to fire fighting helicopters to traditional fire trucks have attempted to cool the reactors, but progress has been sparse. China's Sany hopes to change that situation, however, as they have redirected a $1 million industrial pumper truck from a Saudi client to the nation of Japan in order to help save Fukushima reactor number four, according to China Realtime Report, a Wall Street Journal blog.

Usually, the truck in question would use its robust pumping system in order to deliver concrete to upper levels of sky scrapers during construction, but in this case the truck will use its brute strength to dump as much sea water as possible onto the exposed reactors. To do this, Autoblog points out that the truck will have to raise the water over a 141-foot high reactor group, and to do so the truck will be positioned about 45 feet away from the reactors.

Sany is sending the truck and a crew to operate it all free of charge to help out the people of Japan in this humanitarian effort, despite the utility company originally offering to buy the truck.

1.'Meet the 203-foot...' view
2.'China concrete...' view

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