The definitive Detroit auto show roundup
BMW's 2008 M5 wagon not coming to America


Land Rover scared Chinese companies will copy its concepts

We haven't seen too many concept cars from Land Rover recently. The company explains it's worried about Chinese companies copying its designs, and potentially launching a production model before its concept makes the jump from the show floor to the showroom floor.


Long-wheelbase Jaguar XE headed for China

Jaguar will build a long-wheelbase XE for the Chinese market. The model will compete against similarly-stretched offerings built by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. Sales outside of the China aren't planned for the time being.   


Polestar details 1

Polestar's press release detailing the brand-new 1 coupe lacked specific technical details. British magazine Autocar has learned the 600-horsepower plug-in hybrid powertrain consists of two electric motors rated at 215 hp combined and a turbocharged, supercharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that generates 377 hp. The motors are mounted over the rear axle to spin the rear wheels; the four-cylinder is installed in the engine bay to power the front wheels.   


Porsche introduces 718 Cayman, 718 Boxster GTS

Porsche is expanding the 718 Cayman and 718 Boxster lineup with GTS-badged variants. Both models get an upgraded turbocharged flat-four engine rated at 361 horsepower, a 15-horse improvement over the S-badged models. They also receive suspension tweaks and a handful of model-specific visual changes.   


2019 Jeep Cherokee gets a new face

Jeep's Cherokee is just a few years old, but like its predecessor, it is one of the company's volume mainstays. A refresh for 2019 will bring its exterior styling in line with the rest of the Jeep lineup's.


Polestar announces three electrified performance models

The Polestar 1 coupe will be quickly followed by a Tesla Model 3 rival and an all-electric SUV.


Volkswagen to replace GLI in 2019

With a new Volkswagen Jetta right around the corner, attention is turning to the performance-oriented GLI model. Enthusiast website VW Vortex has learned the slow-selling model will be replaced about a year after the standard car lands, meaning we'll likely see it in early 2019.   


Never-registered 1997 McLaren F1 up for grabs

You could become the first person to register this 1997 McLaren F1. It has 148 miles on the odometer, which accounts for testing at the factory and transportation. The interior is still factory-wrapped, and the owner -- a Japanese businessman -- apparently never even sat in it. Its price hasn't been made public yet.


PSA to cut 400 jobs in England

Peugeot-Citroen will cut 400 jobs at a Vauxhall factory in Ellesmere Port, England. A spokesperson for the company said the job cuts are painful but necessary to ensure the factory remains open and profitable.   


Citroen mulls WRC-inspired C3

Citroen could return to the hot hatch segment with a WRC-inspired hot hatch based on the brand-new C3. The brand's R&D department is currently brainstorming ideas, but the model hasn't been approved for production yet.