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BMW prices 2011 335is coupe and convertible models

by Drew Johnson

Ahead of their New York Auto Show debuts, BMW has announced pricing for its new 335is coupe and convertible models. BMW's new 335is coupe model will list from $50,525 -- including destination -- when it rolls into dealerships later this year, with the convertible variant carrying a sticker of $59,075.

Although BMW's official images aren't of the highest quality, they do give a very good idea of what the not-quite-M3 is going to look like.

In terms of obvious exterior changes, the 335is gains a new sport exhaust system that features black chrome tips. Resting just above those black chrome exhaust tips will be the rear bumper from the M Sport Package - standard on the 335is. BMW also fitted a unique to the 335is rear diffuser.

Moving the 335is on its standard 18-inch alloy wheels is the newly updated N54 twin-turbo straight-six engine and a seven-speed DCT dual-clutch transmission. Early reports show the power at 322 horsepower, but the engine-sharing Z4 sDrive35is is rated at 335 hp. The folks at Motor Authority suggested the discrepancy may be explained by the fact that the numbers for the 335is are coming from leaked Canadian documents - which may require slightly different tuning for emissions.

Under the skin, the coupe and convertible will also enjoy an extra water cooler and high-output cooling fan to keep that increased output engine cool. An interesting change also includes the removal of the foglamps for the coupe to allow for added cooling. BMW seems to have pulled out the stops to keep this hot new engine cool.

Expect both the drop-top and hardtop versions of this go-fast 3-series to hit the U.S. market sometime around March, 2010.