By Drew Johnson
Thursday, Feb 14th, 2008 @ 3:43 pm
While new CAFE regulations have put many automakers' future rear-wheel vehicle plans on hold -- including General Motors -- Chrysler's 300 and Dodge Charger will soldier on with a rear-wheel drive setup through their 2011 model year makeover.

While consumer demand for rear-wheel drive vehicles is on the rise, The Car Connection says the decision to keep the vehicles on their current platform actually is due to a lack of funds to develop a new front-wheel drive architecture.

Front wheel drive versions of the cars would improve fuel economy, but because of Chrysler's current financial situation, the switch over is not economically viable.

The Car Connection
also reports that the vehicles' updates will be "fairly substantial." While details on the Charger makeover remain a mystery, the 2011 300 will use bolder styling and will nix its low-slung roofline for a larger greenhouse.

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