Mazda: Skyactiv-X tech cleaner than EVs

Mazda believes its upcoming Skyactiv-X technology will be "the cleanest power source in its range." The compression-ignition gasoline engine will produce less carbon dioxide from a wheel-to-well perspective than an electric powertrain, Autocar reports.   


Next Land Rover Defender getting unibody construction

Details are beginning to trickle out about the next Land Rover Defender. Land Rover told Automotive News the off-roader needs to adopt unibody construction in order to meet global safety and emissions regulations, so it won't retain the last model's body-on-frame construction. The lineup will include a two-door soft top model and a four-door hard top wagon.   


Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 goes racing

Chevrolet's Colorado ZR2 is going racing. A slightly modified version of the truck will participate in this year's edition of the Vegas to Reno race, which takes participants across 550 miles of Nevada's roughest terrain.   


Audi launches g-tron variants of A4, A5

Audi has introduced CNG-powered variants of the A4 and the A5. Named g-tron, the models use a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine rated at 170 horsepower and 199 pound-feet of torque. Neither model will be available in the United States.   


Next Land Rover Defender to launch in 2019?

Land Rover will preview the next-generation Defender next year by showing a close-to-production concept. The model will debut in 2019, meaning it might not reach our shores until the 2020 model year.   


Mazda to build plug-in Skyactiv-X

Mazda will launch a plug-in hybrid drivetrain built around its ground-breaking Skyactiv-X technology in 2021, according to British magazine Autocar. The Skyactiv-X engine will be the gasoline-burning compression-ignition unit the company will launch soon, while the hybrid components will come from partner Toyota.   


This is the last Dodge Viper

Dodge has built the very last Viper at its Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit. FCA design boss Ralph Gilles wrote on Instagram that the car will head straight to the company's collection. As of writing, a Viper successor is not in the works.   


Engineer Roy Lunn dies

Roy Dunn has died at 92-years old. He is best remembered as the engineer who developed the Le Mans-winning Ford GT40, and he also played a role in designing the original Jeep Cherokee, which is arguably the first modern SUV.   


Tesla partners with GE to install solar panels on Home Depot rooftops

Home Depot is targeting 135 megawatts of renewable energy production for its stores by 2020, and as part of that, the company has partnered with Tesla and GE to install solar panels at 50 of its retail locations, TechCrunch reports.


Apple's new ARKit could make selling cars much easier

Apple's new Augmented Reality developer tools could make it much easier to sell cars online, TechCrunch reports. Virtual showrooms complete with vehicle models that can be viewed inside and out in 3D via iPhone, rather than expensive, dedicated in-store (or portable) hardware setups.