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DC police hunt for 'hero' accused of smashing speed cameras

by Justin King

The cameras reportedly handed out nearly a million tickets in 2016, equating to $99 million in funding for the city.

Washington DC police are apparently hunting for a vigilante accused of smashing local speed cameras.

A surveillance video posted on YouTube shows someone hopping out of an SUV at night, shove a camera box onto its side, kick the camera off, pull the cord free and throw it across the street.

The individual allegedly destroyed 11 cameras around DC so far. A $1,000 reward has been offered for tips that lead to an arrest for destruction of property.

The reward pales in comparison to the more than $99 million the District collected in speeding camera ticket revenue in 2016 alone and more than a half-billion dollars since 2007, according to data obtained by the AAA Mid-Atlantic.

The video posted by police has been remixed by locals as some label the suspect a hero.

"The level at which DC's traffic-camera network issues tickets is staggering, and has given the city a reputation as a bit of a speed trap," says Washingtonian's Benjamin Freed.