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Waymo fleet adds another million miles in three months [Video]

by Justin King

The company has released an immersive 360-degree video previewing the riding experience.

Waymo's fleet is continuing to accelerate its testing pace, achieving the five-millionth mile just three months after celebrating four million miles.

"We've now test driven in 25 U.S. cities, gaining experience in different weather conditions and terrains: from the snowy streets of Michigan, to the steep hills of San Francisco, to the desert conditions of Greater Phoenix," the company wrote on its blog.

More importantly, the company has refined its algorithms by combining the real-world experience with 2.7 billion miles in virtual simulations last year alone.

A 360-degree video combines footage and real-time data from a trip around the Metro Phoenix region in one of Waymo's Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivans. The 'immersive' experience aims to familiarize viewers with the car's sensor suite, object recognition, prediction capabilities and route planning.

The company appears to have a clear lead over other startups and establisheds automakers as it prepares to begin offering rides to customers.