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Polaris to pay $27M fine for failing to report fatal defect

by Justin King

The defect is blamed for 150 fires, one death and nearly a dozen burn injuries.

Polaris has been slammed with a $27.25 million fine for failing to report safety defects to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Approximately 133,000 RZR 900 and ZRZ 1000 side-by-sides were recalled due to a problem that can cause the vehicle to catch fire while driving, posing fire and burn hazards to drivers and passengers.

"Despite having this information that reasonably supported the conclusion that the RZRs contained a defect that could create a substantial product hazard or create an unreasonable risk of serious injury of death, Polaris failed to immediately notify CPSC of the defect or risk posed by the ROVs, as required by federal law," the agency said.

By the time Polaris did notify the agency of the defect or risk, the company was already allegedly aware of 150 fires, one death of a 15-year-old passenger, 11 reports of burn injuries and a fire that consumed ten acres of land.