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White House considering stricter emissions regs for imports?

by Justin King

The so-called \"non-tariff barriers\" would likely increase costs of foreign vehicles, serving to give American-made cars an advantage in the domestic marketplace.

The White House is reportedly considering stricter emissions regulations for vehicles imported from other countries, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The so-called "non-tariff barriers" would serve to increase relative costs of import vehicles, potentially giving an advantage to American-made vehicles that would not be subject to such regulations.

The proposal was allegedly pitched by US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, without any input from the US auto industry.

Such regulations are shrouded in controversy. Some automakers and US government officials have accused other countries of using non-tariff barriers to sidestep trade agreements and give their own domestic manufacturing a market advantage.

Like many leaks from the Trump Administration, it is unclear if the reports reflect a serious policy shift or perhaps simply posturing as the government attempts to renegotiate NAFTA.