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Hyperloop One explores high-speed cargo transport [Video]

by Justin King

The startup envisions ultra-fast freight delivery with costs closer to trucking.

Virgin Hyperloop One has partnered with logistics company DP World to explore high-speed cargo transport.

The companies envision hyperloop-enabled freight transport systems to deliver palletized cargo faster than air, ground or sea but with costs as low as current trucking rates.

"Two elements control freight transport: cost and speed. If you want something fast, be prepared to pay a high multiple," Virgin Hyperloop One says. "We're looking to change that equation."

Specifically, the initiative aims to complete a four-day truck journey in just 16 hours at a fifth of the price that would typically be charged for a 23-hour delivery by air.

Of course, all plans for passenger and cargo transport first require an actual hyperloop to be built between urban centers. The startup is currently pursuing several viability studies for potential routes in North America, Europe and Asia.