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Mazda6 under investigation for subframe corrosion failures

by Justin King

Complaints are increasing, with 16 filings submitted in the last 12 months.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened a preliminary investigation into complaints of subframe failures with the Mazda6.

The agency has received at least 20 complaints alleging front subframe corrosion failures for 2009-2010 model year vehicles, resulting in vehicle handling and control problems for more than a dozen drivers.

"[Complaint] narratives and supporting information provided by consumers indicate that severe corrosion in the right-rear corner of the subframe may result in failure of the right steering rack mounting bolt (7) or detachment of suspension components (e.g., lower control arm mount) from the subframe," the NHTSA says.

The complaint trend is apparently increasing, with 16 failure reports arriving in the last 12 months. In many cases, severe subframe corrosion was detected during routine maintenance prior to failure.

Investigators are now attempting to asses the frequency and safety consequences of the alleged defect.