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Daimler reveals eCascadia electric semi for 2021 production

by Justin King

The company plans to retain its status as the \"undisputed leader\" in the trucking industry through the transition to battery power.

Daimler has revealed two new all-electric cargo trucks that will be sold under the Freightliner brand, including a heavy-duty model that will serve as a direct rival to the Tesla Semi.

The German automaker appears to view Tesla's upcoming semi as a legitimate competitive threat. The company has consquently formed a dedicated 'E-Mobility Group' to manage a global platform strategy for electric trucks and buses.

The eCascadia will serve as a heavy-duty Class 8 truck for long-distance hauls. It integrates a 730-horsepower electric powertrain and a 550-kWh battery, capable of driving up to 250 miles and recharging to around 80 percent in just 90 minutes to cover an additional 200 miles.

The smaller eM2 106 is intended to serve 'last-mile' deliveries, with a 325-kWh battery that can drive for 230 miles. The batteries can be recharged to around 80 percent in 60 minutes, adding 184 miles of range.

"We are the undisputed global leader of the trucking industry and we intend to remain in that position with electric trucks and buses," says Daimler Trucks chief Martin Daum.

The company plans to build around 30 pre-production trucks before the end of the year. Series production is expected to begin in 2021.