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Images show inside Tesla's new assembly line 'tent'

by Justin King

The temporary building is expected to help Tesla achieve its 5,000/week goal for Model 3 production.

Images have surfaced of Tesla's 'tent,' an auxiliary building that houses another general assembly line.

The company has struggled to address production 'bottlenecks' that have kept Model 3 output ramp behind schedule. To increase output, certain processes must be accelerated or duplicated in parallel to keep the line flowing at optimum speed.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the temporary structure was built in just two weeks. The whole assembly line was then created "using scrap we had in the warehouses."

"And it's way better than the other GA (general assembly) line that cost hundreds of millions!" he added in a Twitter post.

The executive has hinted that the second line will help Tesla reach its 5,000/week Model 3 output goal in just three weeks.

High res photos of the length of the $TSLA tent assembly line.From the last 24 hours.

Follow @ispytsla, who's nudging me into retirement, for videos. pic.twitter.com/t5AJOz1fYK

— skabooshka (@skabooshka) June 19, 2018

This is the alien dreadnaught Elon promised: hand-building cars. pic.twitter.com/LgDOBncZze

— skabooshka (@skabooshka) June 19, 2018

Our old friend. The car that never moves. pic.twitter.com/Jr6xRr2mk8

— skabooshka (@skabooshka) June 19, 2018

Will maybe do a media tour next week. Team deserves recognition. This was miraculous.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 19, 2018