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Seat sensor defect prompts Audi A6, A7 recall

by Justin King

The company plans to fix more than 139,000 vehicles to ensure the front passenger airbags deploy properly in a crash.

Audi has issued a recall campaign and stop-sale notice for certain 2012-2018 A6, A7, S6, S7 and RS7 vehicles.

Front passenger seats used in certain vehicles are equipped with a weight-sensing mat that can cause problems with the passenger detection module. If the system experiences a fault, the front passenger airbag may not deploy properly in a crash.

"In this situation, a front passenger seat occupant risks injury in a crash because a malfunctioning PODS system may not make the correct airbag deployment decision for the type of occupant seated there," Audi warns in its recall documents.

The company has been tracking failure claims since September 2016, when the rate of problems began to increase.

Service technicians will install a repair kit to restore proper operation and prevent problems from occurring.