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Autonomous '65 Mustang swerves into barrier at Goodwood [Video]

by Justin King

The Mustang does complete the hill climb, albeit at a crawl with lots of swerving and twitching.

Engineers from Siemens and Cranfield University suffered a bit of an embarrassment at the Goodwood Hill Climb after their autonomous 1965 Mustang bounced off the track's hay barrier.

A video segment posted by Motor1 shows the classic car painfully crawling up the hill, swerving and twitching as if a drunk or drug-addled human was behind the wheel.

To be fair, the car was a demonstration project that appears to lack the extensive sensor suite and refinement of autonomous prototypes from other companies such as Waymo.

A different car staked the claim of making the first autonomous run up the hill. Roborace's much more futuristic 'Robocar' accomplished the goal during a morning test session, without requiring the assistance of a safety driver.