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Walmart shopper accidentally steals car, abandons rental

by Justin King

The confused Ontario resident allegedly scolded the rental car manager for giving her a dirty car with golf clubs in the trunk.

An Ontario woman was left embarrassed but luckily avoided arrest after accidentally stealing someone's car in a parking-lot mixup.

The woman apparently had trouble remembering what her black Nissan Sentra rental car looked like after spending time shopping in a local Walmart. She eventually opened the door of a black Infiniti and drove off, oblivious to the mixup for the rest of her two-week rental period, according to the National Post.

The actual owner of the Infiniti assumed the vehicle was stolen, as it had been left unlocked with the key fob inside. Police were contacted but did not notice the stolen car as it casually traversed the town for several weeks.

Still oblivious to her error, the thief brought the Infiniti back to the rental location and complained that the car was messy and even had a set of golf clubs in the trunk. The rental car manager was expecting a Nissan, which was quickly located in the Walmart parking lot.

The Infiniti owner and police apparently kept their Canadian sense of humor when the cars were reunited with their rightful owners.

"This isn't something you see everyday, but it is something that could happen," said Cornwall police spokesperson Stephanie MacRae. "You should never leave your key fob or keys in your vehicle — and always remember to lock your car doors before walking away from your car."