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  2. Storm sinks duck-truck boat in Missouri; at least 13 dead

Storm sinks duck-truck boat in Missouri; at least 13 dead

by Justin King

The amphibious vehicle was carrying 31 people when it capsized in a storm on a southern Missouri lake.

An amphibious 'duck' boat sank Thursday evening in Missouri, killing at least 13 passengers.

Operated by Ride the Ducks Branson, the vehicle had ventured into Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri, when a severe thunderstorm passed over and kicked up high waves.

"My understanding was that when the boat went in the water, it was calm," said Jim Pattison Jr, president of Ride the Ducks Branson parent company Ripley Entertainment. "And partway through coming back is when ... the waves picked up and then obviously swamped the boat."

The boat had 31 people aboard when it capsized. Several are still missing, while 14 have survived, according to local authorities.

Such 'duck boats' are reportedly built upon a military vessel that dates back to World War II as troop transport vehicles. Some helped place troops on the shores of Normandy in 1944. More than three dozen people have been killed in duck boat accidents, including the latest incident, according to Fox News.

Many of the other deadly accidents have involved crashes while the vehicles are operating on public roads.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Viewer captures trouble for 2 Ride the Ducks moments before sinking of one boat: https://t.co/kukkIEGybI

— KY3 News (@kytv) July 20, 2018