Level three Bentley coming in 2019

Bentley will begin offering cars with level three autonomy in 2019, Automotive News has learned. The technology -- which is similar to what's offered on the newest Audi A8 -- will make its debut in a new model, not in an existing car.   


Mitsubishi to revive Evolution nameplate in Tokyo

Mitsubishi will introduce a sporty crossover at this year's Tokyo Auto Show. The design study wears the e-Evolution nameplate, which indicates it will be a high-performance model. The dark teaser image published by Mitsubishi suggests the concept is still far from production.   


Citroen C5 to return in 2020

Citroen's C5 sedan recently died without a successor. Many assumed it wouldn't be replaced, the segment it competes in is shrinking at an alarming rate, but company CEO Linda Jackson has confirmed the model will return in 2020.   


Toyota creates GR sub-brand

Toyota has launched a performance-oriented sub-brand named GR in its home country of Japan. It's too early to tell whether GR models will be sold in the United States.   


Volkswagen Golf getting RS3's turbo five?

Volkswagen could introduce a high-performance Golf variant positioned above the R after all. German magazine Auto Bild reports the German brand is working on stuffing a 420-horsepower evolution of the Audi RS 3's turbo five under the Golf's hood.