Face-lifted Mercedes S-Class spied

Amateur spy shots have revealed the face-lifted Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Expected to debut as a 2018 model, the S gets minor visual updates such as a tweaked grille and new-look headlights. It will also receive more driving aids, and a brand-new straight-six engine.


Mugen unveils electric dirt bike

Honda tuner Mugen has unveiled an electric dirt bike named E.Rex. It's based on the CR250, but the single-cylinder engine has been replaced by a motor and a battery. It's just a concept, though Mugen is working closely with Honda to electrify the world of two-wheelers.    


Mercedes-Benz expects record sales in 2017

Mercedes-Benz is expecting another record year in 2017. "The positive sales trend continued in March," the company explained in a statement. The company's vans division is also on track to set a new record.   


Lexus previews updated NX

Lexus has published a teaser image to preview the updated NX. The crossover will make its debut next month at the Shanghai Auto Show.   


Tencent takes 5% stake in Tesla

Chinese tech firm Tencent has purchased a five percent stake in Tesla, Inc., for $1.78 billion. Tencent has been investing in electric vehicle and autonomous technology firms, including at least two Chinese startups, Reuters reports.


Accident won't derail Volvo/Uber partnership

Uber's self-driving car program has faced significant setbacks in the past few weeks. Notably, the program was banned in California after Uber failed to get a permit, its XC90-based prototypes were widely accused of running lights and cutting off cyclists, and one of them was involved in an accident. However, Volvo remains committed to the partnership, and it will continue to support Uber.


Uber sets exit date for Denmark, citing new taxi law

Uber plans to cease operating in Denmark on April 18, 2017 thanks to a new law which requires taxi services to equip their cars with items such as permanent fare meters and seat sensors, TechCrunch reports. The law seems to be deliberately tailored to disrupt services such as Uber, where drivers' and customers' smartphones take the place of permanently installed equipment.