Honda Civic Si torque number revealed

Torque numbers for the upcoming Honda Civic Si have been apparently revealed in an email to a prospective buyer.   The email was posted... READ STORY

6 20h

Audi Sport quattro concept won't reach production

We might get the next RS 6 Avant as a consolation prize.

2 21h

Techart unleashes 711-hp 911 Turbo Cabriolet

Techart turns the 911 Turbo into a weapon of mass destruction.

33 1d

Chevy Volt heads to China as the Buick Velite

The first glimpse of the production car suggests GM has kept brand-specific modifications to a minimum.

9 1d

McLaren open to building three one-off cars annually

The company's Special Operations division wants to ramp up its deep customization program.

5 1d

ARC's explosion-prone airbag inflators prompt BMW X5 recall

The campaign is limited to a small batch of just 36 vehicles so far.

13 1d

Tesla shows Model 3 release candidate; performance trim in 2018

The executive suggests a performance edition will likely arrive next year, though the Model S will still be king of acceleration.

18 1d

NHTSA closes Ford Edge 'door ajar' investigation

The agency will not push for a recall, as the door latches themselves continue to work properly despite an apparent glitch with the electrical sensors.

8 1d

GM builds 2 millionth Duramax 6.6-liter diesel V8

The Ohio factory is a joint venture, 60 percent owned by GM and 40 percent owned by Isuzu.

65 1d

Despite Trump White House, cleaner cars are coming

The drumbeat for cleaner cars is only getting stronger.


Toyota taps India for Lexus expansion

Toyota is expanding the presence of its Lexus brand by entering the Indian market. The effort to gain traction with wealthy Indians will be spearheaded by two SUVs and a sedan, Automotive News reports, as the company moves to compete with established German luxury automakers.    http://bit.ly/2odPuG1


Tuner builds 405-hp Abarth 500

A German tuner named Pogea Racing has developed an Abarth 500 with 405 horsepower under the hood. The hottest of all Fiat hatches hits 62 mph from a stop in 4.1 seconds. Just five examples will be built.    


Chrysler 300 ranks last for safety complaints

A new study finds Chrysler 300 owners are 2.5 times more likely to complain about safety-related issues than the industry average. Autoblog reports the issues include electrical gremlins that cause the car to stall while driving or not start; a few owners even reported exploding alternators.   http://bit.ly/2nj50Tj