By Andrew Ganz
Wednesday, Jul 13th, 2011 @ 12:58 pm
Fisker's long-awaited Karma premium extended-range EV will finally hit the road in production form later this month when Hollywood actor Leonardo di Caprio takes delivery of the first production model.

di Caprio, a fierce advocate of alternative energy-propelled vehicles, will take ownership of his Karma on July 21.

Fisker says it has 3,000 orders for the Karma, which features two electric motors and a 260 horsepower gas engine. Currently, the California automaker is able to build only a handful of Karmas a week at its Valment, Finland, assembly plant, but it will ramp up production to 300 units weekly beginning in November.

Sold out until early next year, the Karma will retail from around $100,000. The automaker has already signed up a number of dealerships in major cities scattered across North America and Europe.

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