By Drew Johnson
Monday, Apr 23rd, 2012 @ 5:08 pm
Acura has officially begun production of its entry-level ILX sedan at the company's Greensburg, Indiana production facility. The ILX is scheduled to arrive on dealer lots next month.

Showing a new production philosophy, all-three versions of the ILX - including a fuel-efficient hybrid model - will be built at the Greensburg plant. Acura parent Honda typically builds hybrid models in Japan, but is breaking that mold with the ILX. In fact, the ILX is the first-ever Honda hybrid to be built on American soil.

The ILX is also the first Acura model to be built in the state of Indiana.

"Acura has a sparkling reputation and we are thrilled to build the gateway vehicle to this brand at our Greensburg facility," said Jun Nishimoto, president of Honda Manufacturing of Indiana (HMIN). "As the exclusive builder of the ILX, HMIN has a big responsibility."ť

While you patiently wait for the Acura ILX to arrive in showrooms, be sure to check out our first drive of the entry-level luxury sedan.

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