By Andrew Ganz
Monday, Feb 1st, 2010 @ 12:51 pm
At an economic summit in Davos, Switzerland, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda issued a seemingly heartfelt apology for the problems that led up to his automaker's massive, unprecedented recall - but the latest reports out of Europe say that Toyoda was spotted leaving the conference in a black Audi wagon.

The ABC News report doesn't indicate what model Audi, nor does it confirm if Toyoda was behind the wheel or in a passenger seat.

It's possible that the Audi was a rental car, although automakers are generally very careful about only renting their own products when traveling on company business. Likewise, automakers keep fleets of vehicles available for executive or marketing use in major areas; Toyota has a fleet stationed in Zurich.

Regardless, the lapse in vehicular judgement seems as uncharacteristic for Toyota as the quality and engineering gaffe that led to the recall in the first place. (Actual Audi not shown)

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