By Andrew Ganz
Monday, Apr 23rd, 2012 @ 12:07 pm
As if we needed further proof that China is quickly displacing North America, Europe and the Middle East as the world's premier high-end car market, Mercedes-Benz's performance-oriented AMG division opened today its first-ever store in Beijing.

The AMG Performance Store in the Sanlitun Village North luxury shopping mall will be the first such center located outside of a Mercedes-Benz dealership. Unlike the other AMG Performance Centers located in 195 Mercedes dealers in 18 countries, the standalone shop will exclusively feature AMG products.

To inaugurate the store, AMG debuted its new G63 AMG performance SUV, an ultra high-power version of Mercedes-Benz's heritage-laced G-Wagen SUV.

The avant-garde-styled store itself features more than 4,000 square feet of showroom and office space, where potential customers can learn about AMG's products, its Driving Academy and its motorsports programs. Buyers can place orders and view the various paint and interior finishes offered on their AMG-modified vehicles. In addition, AMG says that it will use the facility for various VIP-related functions in China, including future product launches and press conferences.

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