By Nick Aziz
Thursday, Apr 6th, 2006 @ 12:46 pm
A Chrysler Group campaign to sell the 2007 Dodge Caliber has struck a nerve with the gay community, reports the Detroit News. Some viewers and gay rights supporters have complained the Dodge commercial -- dubbed "Too Tough" -- is offensive. It features a fluttering fairy zapping buildings and trains into cuter-looking gingerbread houses and toy trains. In the ad, the fairy fails to make the Dodge Caliber any cuter. Frustrated, the fairy turns a male pedestrian's button-down shirt and jeans attire into white shorts and a polo shirt draped with a sweater. His black dog leash becomes four pink ones connected to Pomeranians, and he gets some white knee-socks. Chrysler is likely trying to use the ads to show that the Caliber is significantly "tougher" than the "cute" Neon it replaces.

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