By Ronan Glon
Tuesday, Nov 27th, 2012 @ 4:01 am

Audi is in the early stages of developing an ultra-efficient city car that will ride on the same platform as the entry-level A1 hatchback.

The vehicle is dubbed 1.0-liter car internally, a name which refers to its projected fuel consumption of merely a liter per 100 kilometers. This figure converts to about 235 miles per U.S. gallon.

Audi is keeping its lips sealed about what drivetrain will power the 1.0-liter car but it will likely incorporate an electric motor. What is certain is that the car will not be powered by the two-cylinder turbodiesel engine that will debut next year in the equally efficient Volkswagen XL1.

The production variant of the 1.0-liter car will take the form of an affordable compact four-seater that will pack all of the bells and whistles that buyers expect to find in a modern car. To keep the total weight down to a minimum, the interior and suspension components will be put on a strict diet and several body panels will be fashioned out of injection-molded carbon fiber, a new process that is significantly quicker and easier than making carbon fiber.

Audi's ultra-efficient city car is at least three years away from hitting showrooms.

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