By Drew Johnson
Thursday, Jan 3rd, 2013 @ 5:53 pm
Despite reports to the contrary, the Audi R8 e-tron may still be alive and kicking in Ingolstadt. Late last year rumors suggested that Audi had completed canned the electric supercar project, but those reports might have been a bit premature.

Speaking with AutoblogGreen, Mark Dahncke, product and motorsports communications manager for Audi of America, revealed that Audi execs haven't totally written off the future of the all-electric R8 e-tron. However, the R8 e-tron won't be the (relatively) high-volume car once promised.

"The R8 E-Tron project may still be continued in a very small volume of cars that has yet to be decided," Dahncke said. "What has been decided is that it will not be executed on a large scale production basis."

Audi previously stated it would build 10 examples of the R8 e-tron for internal evaluation, but it sounds as if Dahncke is implying that Audi is still planning to put the car up for sale to the general public.

The R8 e-tron was scheduled to enter production this year, so it's possible we could hear an official comment on the subject from Audi in the coming months. Until then, stay tuned.

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