FCA brands dominate Consumer Reports regretted buys list
Audi leads, FCA lags in latest Consumer Reports rankings


Lower traffic keep right: Cessna lands on New York highway

The pilot of a Cessna 206 was forced to make an emergency landing on Long Island's Sunrise Highway Wednesday after an unspecified mechanical malfunction, WABC-TV NY reports. A driver captured the events on camera, showing the small plane deftly avoiding both the fixed obstacles of the highway and its motorists. No damage was done and nobody was injured.


Hyundai facing battery shortage

The Prius-fighting Ioniq is more popular than Hyundai ever anticipated. The company is consequently facing a battery shortage, according to Business Korea. Supplier LG Chem is trying to boost production, but it also needs to fulfill demand from numerous other automakers.   


Ferrari bans most employees from buying one of its cars

Working for Ferrari isn't the best way to put a Ferrari in your driveway. The company bans most of its employees from getting one of its cars. "The philosophy is that with such limited production and clients waiting so long to get their car, it's not nice if the car is delivered to employees. It is clients first," explained Enrico Galliera, the company's chief marketing and commercial officer.   


Report: Takata's replacement inflators could be dangerous

Regulators in the United States aren't convinced Takata's replacement inflators are safe. If they're found to also be dangerous, Reuters reports the company -- which recently filed for bankruptcy -- will need to issue yet another recall.   


Bike builders look to millennials as revenues drop

The motorcycle industry is struggling, Bloomberg reports, and it's trying to pivot toward millennials to shore up its revenues. Despite a glut of new entry-level bikes, sales of motorcycles have not experienced a rebound since the financial crisis, with peak sales occurring in 2006 and remaining flat since 2010.


Lexus preparing twin-turbo 4.0 V8 for next GS F?

The next generation of the Lexus GS F will get a brand-new twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine, according to Japanese website BestCar. It will offer at least 600 horsepower in order to fight head-to-head against the Germany's best sport sedans   


Chevrolet prices Equinox diesel

Chevrolet has released pricing information for the diesel-powered Equinox. The crossover starts at $31,435, according to CarsDirect, which represents a $1,345 premium over a comparable gasoline-powered model.   


Toyota Yaris GRMN limited to 400 examples in Europe

Toyota will build just 400 examples of the Yaris GRMN for the European market, according to Autocar. No more than 100 cars will be allocated to the United Kingdom, and none will make the trip across the Atlantic.   


Novitec supercharges Lamborghini Aventador

German tuner Novitec has installed a supercharger on the Lamborghini Aventador SV's V12 engine, bumping its output from 739 to 970 horsepower. The extra power is accompanied by a relatively subtle body kit and new wheels.