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Audi hints at solid-state batteries for all-electric supercar

by Justin King

A spokesman admits \"we need a bit more battery development\" to fulfill the company\'s vision for an extreme performance EV.

Audi is apparently considering solid-state batteries for a future all-electric supercar.

Fellow Volkswagen Group brand Porsche has decided to use traditional lithium-ion batteries for the Mission E. The battery module has been refined for use in a sports car, with a particularly high series voltage, however Porsche is positioning the car more in the Panamera realm than the 911 in terms of track performance.

Speaking to Australia's Motoring, Audi's global head of product and technology communications, Peter Oberndorfer, suggested current lithium-ion batteries are not yet ideally suited for extreme all-electric supercars.

"We consider everything at the moment but I personally believe we need a little bit more battery development," he said. "Because if you go very fast you need a lot of battery and don't want to spend three days going from the Nurburgring to Munich or the other way around."

The company is looking at solid-state batteries as a potential solution, potentially delivering high power and energy density with much faster recharge times.

"Our development boss Peter Mertens is speaking of solid-state batteries, which are still a few years away, but I think it would be an advantage if it will be developed, so that batteries are getting lighter and need less space," Oberndorfer added.

Audi is not alone in pursuing solid-state batteries. The technology has attracted interest from established players such as Toyota and Honda to prospective newcomers like Dyson. To date, however, none has demonstrated production viability. Until that happens, automakers appear to be signing more supply contracts for lithium-ion cells to power the first wave of EVs in the near term.