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Audi teases new TT

by Justin King

\"Twenty years after the series debut of the Ur-TT, we\'re raising the ante...\" the company promises.

Audi has released the first teaser photos for the refreshed TT coupe, hinting at an imminent reveal.

The images show a partial rear-quarter view and a blurred shot of the car at the Isle of Man TT. The car's iconic profile appears to stay mostly unchanged, with a new vent below the rear taillight.

"Twenty years after the series debut of the Ur-TT, we're raising the ante..." Audi wrote on Facebook. "Do you think the round fuel cap will stay the same in the all-new Audi TT?"

The company has not divulged any powertrain details. It is likely the current 2.0-liter turbocharged engine will carry over from the current entry-level model, perhaps with a bit more power than its current 220-horsepower tune.

Additional details could be released in the next few weeks, though Audi has not publicly confirmed a specific debut date.