Toyota creates GR sub-brand

Toyota has launched a performance-oriented sub-brand named GR in its home country of Japan. GR's models -- like the supercharged Yaris -- are largely aimed at Europe, but the division could sell cars in the United States dowj the road.   


Volvo to double investment in U.S. plant?

Volvo will allegedly spend more on its first American factory than executives expected. The Post and Courier reports the Swedish company will invest an additional $500 million to add a second assembly line to the facility.   


Volvo's first U.S. factory on track for 2018 inauguration

Volvo remains on track to inaugurate its very first American assembly line in late 2018, sources close to the company report. The facility will build the next-generation S60, among other models.   


Volkswagen Golf getting RS3's turbo five?

Volkswagen could introduce a high-performance Golf variant positioned above the R after all. German magazine Auto Bild reports the German brand is working on stuffing a 420-horsepower evolution of the Audi RS 3's turbo five under the Golf's hood.   


Mazda not looking for partners to build next rotary sports car

Mazda split the cost of developing the Miata with Fiat, but it's not interested in creating a similar partnership to bring a rotary-engined sports car to the market. "Currently we have absolutely no plans to make any such alliances," a spokesperson for the company told Auto Express.   


Alfa Romeo preparing first hybrid drivetrain?

Alfa Romeo is ready to jump into the world of electrification, according to a report published by Automotive News. The Italian brand's very first gasoline-electric hybrid model will be its flagship sedan, whose launch has been pushed back from 2018 to 2021.   


Bugatti Chiron to get eight-year life cycle

Bugatti will build the Chiron for a total of eight years, according to the company's top executive. That means it will stick around longer than the Veyron, its predecessor, which was in production for 12 years.   


Genesis not getting N performance models

Hyundai's performance blitz won't reach its Genesis division. Genesis boss Manfred Fitzgerald told Australian website Motoring the brand has no plans to follow rivals Mercedes-Benz and Audi into high-performance territory.   


Mazda to revamp U.S. dealer network

Mazda's American dealers are in for a makeover. Automotive News reports the company wants some of its dealers to move to new locations, and it wants to strengthen the training process they go through. Mazda stores across the nation will be getting a new look, too. The company hopes the update will help it achieve a two-percent market share.   


Next Mazda RX concept to debut in Tokyo

Mazda has confirmed plans to introduce the next RX-badged concept car next month at the Tokyo Auto Show. "With the Tokyo show we will be introducing a new design concept - you can think of it as an evolution of the theme of the RX Vision," said Mazda's vice president for R&D in Europe in an interview with Auto Express.