By Drew Johnson
Wednesday, Nov 28th, 2007 @ 3:48 pm
BMW is considering reviving the Isetta, a new report finds. First made popular in the 1950s, the new Isetta could be BMW's answer to VW's Up and Smart's ForTwo city cars. Though the modern version would have a peppier engine than the original's 13 horsepower motorcycle engine, the lightweight Isetta could help BMW comply with stricter emission regulations.

The updated Isetta would forgo the original's three-wheel setup for a more conventional four-wheel setup and would also replace the single front door for two side ones, thanks to stricter safety regulations. However, sources say BMW will keep the Isetta's engine in the rear.

If the Isetta is given the green light, we could see a concept or even a production version as early as 2010.

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