By Drew Johnson
Thursday, Dec 20th, 2012 @ 2:34 pm

BMW has decided to celebrate the holidays in a rather unusual, albeit amusing, manner - by sticking four Christmas carolers in the back of a M135i with a racing driver at the wheel.

Appropriately called 'The fastest Christmas song in the world', the video features the Zurich Acapella Group attempting to sing Jingle Bells while being driven around a race track by BMW DTM driver Martin Tomczyk. As you might expect, the 316 horsepower hot hatch had an adverse effect on the group's singing abilities.

The quartet made a valiant attempt at keeping it together while drifting around the circuit, but their performance ultimately suffered. One of their members even gave up singing altogether, presumably to focus on not losing her lunch.

However, everyone survived intact, but we doubt the Zurich Acapella Group will return next year for a second act.

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