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Huracan Performante will be fastest Lambo ever

The Huracan Performante that will debut in March at the Geneva Auto Show will be the fastest street-legal Lamborghini ever. The track-ready model has lapped the Nurburgring track faster than the Aventador SV, according to company officials.   


Mitsubishi to revive Eclipse name?

Mitsubishi will allegedly dust off the Eclipse nameplate. While the original model was a coupe, the next Eclipse will be a crossover aimed at Nissan's Rogue Sport.   


F1 boss pushed out

Long-time Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has been pushed out by Liberty Media, the series' new owner. The 86-year old has been replaced by Chase Carey.   


Trump schedules Tuesday meeting with FCA, Ford, GM execs

The executives will have an opportunity to present ideas and opinions on regulations, trade and other issues.   


Lamborghini builds 201st Huracan-based race car

Just 24 months after Lamborghini began building its Huracan Super Trofeo and the Huracan GT3 race cars, the automaker has recorded its 201st sale. In comparison, the racing-spec Gallardo Super Trofeo, which proceeded the Huracan, managed just 106 deliveries during its six-year production run.   


Arnold Schwarzenegger gets custom Mercedes G-Class EV

The SUV has been outfitted with an 80-kWh battery, good for just 186 miles of electric range.


Former Tesla engineer pleads guilty to computer intrusion

The worker faces up to a year in jail for allegedly hacking his boss's e-mail account and leaking confidential service records, according to Law360.