By Drew Johnson
Tuesday, Jun 14th, 2011 @ 12:17 pm
In an effort to better differentiate its lineup, BMW is said to be readying two new vehicle nameplates. Set to be affixed to coupe and convertible derivatives of the 1-Series and 3-Series, BMW will soon launch the 2-Series and 4-Series monikers.

We've heard rumblings of a BMW 2-Series and even an M2 model before, but were left guessing as to where the new models would fit into the automaker's lineup. Now, thanks to a report from CAR, we seem to have the answers.

Following in the footsteps of cross-town rival Audi, BMW is planning to differentiate its future four-door and two-door models with an incremental name change. Audi recently implemented a similar plan, offering the A4 sedan and wagon alongside the more expensive A5 coupe and convertible.

The next generation of the 1-Series hatchback - along with a rumored sedan model - will carry on with the 1-Series name, but coupe and convertible versions of the car will be known as the 2-Series. In fact, BMW has already trademarked the 228, 230, 235 and M2 tags.

The next 3-Series will follow suit, with coupe and convertible models to be sold under the 4-Series banner. However, the 3-Series will deviate slightly from the new scheme as a planned four-door coupe version of the car will also be sold as a 4-Series.

Coupe versions of the new 2- and 4-Series should arrive in 2013, followed by their convertible counterparts in 2014. The 4-Series four-door coupe is expected to appear in 2015.

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