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BMW to retire i3, i8 after current generation?

by Justin King

The company has shifted its focus to the i4 and iNext as it looks forward into the 2020s.

BMW's i3 and i8 could be put into retirement after the current generations.

Both have been on the market for less than five years, inaugurating the company's electric-focused 'i' sub-brand. The automaker is still committed to an electrified future, but is apparently having doubts about how the i3 and i8 fit with that vision in the long term.

Speaking to Automotive News, BMW's head of electric powertrains, Stefan Juraschek, explained that the i3 and i8 were not "developed as a family that we can expand" into the company's typical 5-10 derivatives.

Technology developed in the i3 and i8 will live on in the i4 and iNext, as BMW integrates fully electric and plug-in hybrid powertrains into its mainstream lineup.

Juraschek promises the company will be "very flexible" when it readies its next-generation electrified platform architectures in the early 2020s.