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BMW to test subscription service in Nashville

by Ronan Glon

Mercedes-Benz is considering one, too.

BMW will test a car subscription service in Nashville, Tennessee, according to a recent report. The program is called Access by BMW.

Following the path blazed by Volvo, Cadillac, and Porsche, the German company will launch its pilot program on Monday, April 2, Automotive News reports. Details are still few and far between because the program hasn't been officially announced yet.

Notably, we don't know if Access by BMW will bundle the cost of the car, insurance, and maintenance like Care by Volvo or if it will merely give participants access to different cars for a flat monthly fee like Book by Cadillac. There's no word yet on which nameplate(s) it will include, either.

Luxury car-makers increasingly see the concept of a Netflix-like service as a way to appeal to younger buyers. The target audience likes the commitment-free nature of the program, which makes buying a car similar to buying a phone. As an added bonus, subscription services theoretically put an end to the price haggling process buyers normally go through when they buy a car.

Rival Mercedes-Benz will likely launch its own subscription service before the end of the year.

"We are currently in investigation in which area to try it out," Britta Seger, the company's head of global sales, told Automotive News.