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Chevrolet City Express gets the ax

by Drew Johnson

Chevy has ended production of its small commercial van.

Chevrolet has decided to give its City Express work truck an early retirement. After debuting just four years ago, Chevy says the 2018 model year will be the last for the pint-sized commercial van.

According to Automotive News, General Motors informed its dealers of its plan to discontinue the City Express last year. Production of the small van, which was actually a re-badged version of the Nissan NV200 — ended in February.

The City Express was a direct response to Ford's popular Transit Connect, but the Chevy failed to attract buyers in any meaningful numbers. Since going on sale in late 2014, Chevy has sold fewer than 30,000 examples of the City Express. In comparison, Ford sold 34,473 of the Transit Connect last year alone.

GM declined to specify why it was killing off the City Express, but a lack of sales was surely part of the reason. GM hasn't not announced plans to replace the City Express with a new model.