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GM details in-dash fuel payment system

by Justin King

The process still requires a few button presses and an activation code to be memorized and entered at the pump.

General Motors has detailed the industry's first in-dash fuel payment system.

Certain vehicles equipped with GM's Marketplace infotainment app will support in-dash payments at some Shell-branded gas stations, eliminating the need to use a credit card a the pump.

The Marketplace app saves the driver's preferred payment method and lists nearby Shell stations that support in-app payment. Drivers then enter the pump number and receive an activation code to enter at the pump.

"Bringing the Shell Pay & Save functionality right on the touchscreen of our vehicles is the latest advancement of this platform, allowing drivers to simply access Fuel Rewards and pay for gas while inside their car," says Chevy online commerce manager Rick Ruskin.

The process may sound easy, but some drivers will likely find it more time consuming to fiddle with their infotainment system and memorize an activation code instead of simply inserting a card at the pump.

GM expects nationwide rollout in the coming months.