Porsche cracking down on speculators

Porsche has re-affirmed its commitment to cracking down on speculators who see the brand's cars as an investment. "[Customers] drive the car and if they want to sell the car after five or 10 years, good on them. But to turn them around quickly while the paint's still wet on the car, that's not how we go about our thinking and why we build our cars," said Paul Ellis, the spokesperson for Porsche's Australian division.   


Robby Gordon banned from competing in Australia

American pilot Robby Gordon has been banned from ever competing in Australia again. Local authorities say he performed burnouts on a public road in one of his race trucks after the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship. He was also fined $3,100 after the incident.


Chevrolet recalls SS over rusty power steering part

Chevrolet is recalling about 6,200 examples of the SS over a power steering issue. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explains the connector between the power steering modular and the torque converter is prone to rust, which could cause the system to fail.   


Takata files for banktupcty

Takata's U.S. division has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in a Delaware court, according to Reuters. Its Japanese parent company is expected to file for bankruptcy protection in Japan later today. Its liabilities could reach $50 billion in the U.S. alone.   


Aston Martin Valkyrie getting 1,130 horsepower?

Aston Martin's upcoming Valkyrie will offer 1,130 horsepower, according to Road & Track. It will weigh 1,030 kilos (2,270 pounds), meaning it will boast a 1.1:1 power-to-weight ratio.   


Updated Toyota Land Cruiser 150 leaked

Toyota's updated Land Cruiser 150 has surfaced online a few weeks before its official debut. Known as the Lexus GX in America, the Land Cruiser 150 gets a more squared-off look with angular headlights and a smaller grille. U.S. sales still aren't planned.


Citroen C4 Cactus getting major makeover?

Citroen's funky C4 Cactus crossover (pictured) is in for a major makeover, according to Auto Express. It needs to replace the standard C4, so a mid-cycle face-lift will give it less ground clearance and a less SUV-like look, transforming it from a crossover into a hatchback.   


This is the 2018 BMW X3

Leaked images published by BMW's Hong Kong arm have prematurely revealed the brand-new 2018 X3. Longer and wider than before, the X3 gets a sharper-looking front end and a more modern interior.


Porsche 917 that starred in Le Mans movie up for grabs

A 1970 Porsche 917K that starred in Steve McQueen's movie Le Mans will cross the auction block during this year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Gooding & Company expects it will sell between $13 and $16 million.   


Belgian beats hypermiling record

Two Belgian hypermilers have set a new distance record for production electric vehicles. Driving at a steady 24 mph for 24 hours, the duo managed to squeeze 560 miles of range from a Tesla S 100D.