Automobiles help drive healthy U.S. industrial growth

United States industrial output rose in December on strong automobile production and electrical generation, the AP reports. A strong dollar and cheapening energy prices contributed to a prolonged slump which now appears to be ending.


Land Rover highlights Range Rover history

Land Rover has condensed 48 years of Range Rover history in a minute and a half. The video highlights key dates and models from the off-roader's illustrious production run.


McLaren teases next-gen Super Series

The new supercar is twice as aerodynamically efficient, with increased downforce and improved cooling.


Swedish ambulances can now jam car stereos to clear traffic

Emergency vehicles send out a signal that causes the car stereo to play an audible warning message, wether the driver is listening to CDs, Bluetooth or FM radio.


Mitsubishi to retain independence

Mitsubishi is now controlled by the Renault-Nissan alliance, but the Japanese company will retain a high degree of independence. "Mitsubishi will remain responsible for its product portfolio and designing its own cars. It remains a different company," affirmed alliance boss Carlos Ghosn.


Buick Regal gets Apple CarPlay, Android Auto integration

For 2017, the Buick Regal is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and buyers now have three new colors to choose from. The updates are minor because a brand-new model closely related to the Opel Insignia is expected to debut in time for the 2018 model year.   


Kia to launch standalone performance division?

The Kia GT shown in Detroit might be the beginning of a full-blown performance division. The brand could debut in the next five years, according to AutoEvolution.