By Nick Aziz
Monday, May 8th, 2006 @ 1:13 pm
Chrysler Canada CEO Steven J. Landry is pushing his American counterparts to put the Dodge Hornet Concept into production, according to a Trevor Hofmann of the Canadian Auto Press. But perhaps even more interesting is Hofmann's report that building the Firepower Concept is among Chrysler's top considerations. "Chrysler Group will soon remind us all once again that they're the best in the auto," wrote Hofmann. He said Landry told Board of Trade members that the two cars Chrysler was most seriously considering building were the Dodge Challenger Concept and the Chrysler Firepower Concept. According to the report, the Firepower could be used to replace the Crossfire. However, we suspect that the Firepower is intended as a Corvette fighter, and a Crossfire replacement will be different. In January, Chrysler USA CEO Tom LaSorda said, "Firepower is on our agenda." See a gallery of the Firepower after the jump...

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