By Drew Johnson
Wednesday, Apr 18th, 2012 @ 1:10 pm
Chrysler has delivered eight more units of its experimental Town & Country plug-in hybrid minivan to Duke Energy as part of a two-year test program. Chrysler also detailed the specs of the plug-in minivan for the first time.

Duke Energy took delivery of the plug-in minivans earlier today at its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Duke Energy is the second recipient of Chrysler''s plug-in minivan, following a batch of four delivered to Chrysler's home town of Auburn Hills, Michigan.

In addition to the partnership with Duke Energy, Chrysler also announced the minivan's specs for the first time.

Each plug-in Town & Country is equipped with a flex-fuel version of Chrysler's 3.6L V6 hooked to the minivan's front wheels via a two-mode hybrid transmission. An on-board electric motor is powered by a liquid-cooled 12.1 KWhr lithium-ion battery, netting a combined output of 290 horsepower.

Chrysler says the Town & Country's batteries can be recharged in 2-4 hours using a 220 volt "Level 2"ť charge cord, while a 110 volt "Level 1"ť cord will require 8-15 hours for a full charge. Once fully juiced, the Town & Country boasts a range of 700 miles. In comparison, the gas-powered version of the Town & Country has a range of 360 miles.

Chrysler has yet to announce any production plans for the Town & Country plug-in hybrid.

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