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FCA to keep Chrysler alive through 2022, but no new models?

by Justin King

The company\'s five-year strategy update made no mention of plans for Chrysler, Dodge or Fiat.

Contradicting recent rumors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has not announced plans to kill off its Chrysler brand.

The company's' Capital Markets Day presentations outlined ambitious five-year plans for Jeep, Ram, Maserati and Alfa Romeo, but made no mention of Chrysler, Dodge or Fiat.

Notably, the last five-year strategy update, announced in 2014, had a grand vision for Chrysler. FCA promised eight models in the lineup, aiming to turn Chrysler into a volume brand that would have rivaled Chevrolet and Ford.

Chrysler currently accounts for less than 10 percent of FCA's overall US sales, falling by nine percent to around 75,000 units in the first five months of 2018. Dodge sales are down by just six percent during the same period, with overall US sales of nearly 205,000 units, while Fiat has collapsed by 45 percent to less than 7,000 units.

A spokeswoman told Automotive News that Chrysler, Dodge and Fiat would not be fully eliminated, but the company has not yet explained how the brands will be maintained through 2022.