By Ronan Glon
Sunday, Aug 12th, 2012 @ 4:39 am
A Canadian company called Conquest Vehicles has released a series of computer-generated sketches that preview an upcoming SUV dubbed Evade.

When it hits the market later this year the Evade will be Conquest Vehicles' first non-armored SUV. It will inaugurate a new design language that the Toronto-based company's fully-armored Knight XV SUV will inherit when it goes in for a redesign.

The Evade is no ordinary SUV. The list of standard equipment includes commercial grade air suspension, front and rear night vision cameras and two joystick-controlled search lights mounted on the roof.

The rear bumper features a step which Conquest Vehicles explains is there to facilitate the entry and the exit of the owner's security personnel, providing a decent indication of who the hand-crafted SUV's target audience is.

Photos of the interior were not released but the Canadian automaker promises that it will mix military design cues with a luxurious atmosphere that is reminiscent of a limousine. It will be offered as a four-seater and will boast over 400 cubic feet of interior space.

Extremely wealthy buyers can opt for a package that consists of reclining rear seats, the choice of a driver partition or a retractable flat-screen TV and lap top trays.

Conquest Vehicles did not disclose any details about what lurks under the hood but since the Evade rides on a frame borrowed from the Ford F-550, a palette of Ford-sourced gasoline and diesel engines seems like a safe bet.

Available in Canada and in the United States, the Evade will carry a base price of $579,000. SUVs with a price tag that exceeds half a million dollars are few and far between but we expect that one of the Evade's fiercest competitors will be the Dartz Nagel Dakkar.

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