Mercedes-AMG Project One getting 1,020 horsepower?

Mercedes-AMG's upcoming hypercar will allegedly boast 1,020 horsepower. Power will come from a hybrid drivetrain built around a 748-horsepower V6 engine sourced from AMG's Formula 1 car, and a pair of electric motors rated at a combined 408 horsepower.


Audi begins taking reservations for E-Tron Quattro

Audi's Norwegian division is now taking reservations for the E-Tron Quattro, an electric crossover aimed at the Tesla Model X. Buyers can reserve Audi's upcoming battery-powered model by putting down a $2,900 deposit. So far, a reservation program for the United States hasn't been announced yet.


Honda Civic Type R sets 'Ring record

The Honda Civic Type R has lapped Germany's Nurburgring track in seven minutes and 43 seconds, a new record for a front-wheel drive car. The previous record of seven minutes and 47 seconds was set by the Volkswagen GTI Clubsport S.   


Hennessey wants to build 1,500-hp Dodge Demon

American tuner Hennessey is ready to bump the Dodge Challenger Demon's output up to 1,500 horsepower. It's a work in progress, but Motor Authority reports the upgrades include upgraded headers, strengthened internal components, and a tweaked supercharger.


McLaren 570S Spider coming soon

McLaren boss Mike Flewitt has revealed a topless version of the 570S is right around the corner. It will get a power-folding hardtop, and the coupe model's 562-horsepower V8.


Report: Uber hid LiDAR developed with Waymo tech

Google's Waymo division has accused rival Uber of hiding a LiDAR built using technology it developed. Uber says the device was an abandoned project, and it claims it has always been open about its existence.


Genesis rules out halo model

Hyundai's Genesis brand won't build a halo model, the company has confirmed. The company's top executives believes high-performance models will decline in popularity as electric drivetrains become more widespread. Instead, design, connectivity, and interior looks will lure buyers into showrooms.


Volvo could go smaller with 20-series

Currently, Volvo's lineup includes 40-, 60-, and 90-series models. One of the company's top officials has announced a new 20-series cluster of models could slot at the very bottom of the lineup in the coming years.


Porsche Club China launched

Porsche Club China launched just a few days ago at the Shanghai Auto Show. The club already has more than 250 members, according to newspaper China Daily.   


Tuner gives Mazda Miata 250-hp turbo four

British tuner BBR has unleashed a turbocharged Mazda Miata with 250 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque. Offered in the United States, the hot-rodded ragtop hits 60 mph from a stop in five seconds flat. Pricing information hasn't been released yet.