By Andrew Ganz
Wednesday, Apr 21st, 2010 @ 3:10 pm
The Jeep Liberty-based Dodge Nitro might not be a major sales success for Chrysler, but that's not stopping the company's new parent, Fiat, from considering a future for the midsize SUV in Europe.

Although Chrysler and Fiat have yet to confirm any plans for future Nitro exports - the vehicle has been sold in Europe as a Dodge - Automotive News says that the Nitro "will become a Fiat by the end of the year."

It's likely that Chrysler's Toledo, Ohio, assembly plant would produce Fiat-badged Nitro-based vehicles for export. A thoroughly revised Nitro set to bow this fall as a 2011 model for North America has been included in Chrysler's timetable for future products, although few rumors about changes have been made public.

1.'Fiat and Chrysler...' view

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