By Nick Aziz
Thursday, Jun 29th, 2006 @ 10:58 am
Today, an erroneous media report claimed to reveal the 2007 BMW X5 thanks to a "leaked" press photo. The report was based on an image published by Autover, a supplier of automotive glass in Europe that had a small writeup on the next-generation X5. However, the image is most certainly not of the new X5. In fact, it's an artist's rendering from early 2005. We can only assume Autover included the picture for illustration purposes. The image -- which Edmunds went as far as saying was "courtesy of BMW North America" -- shows a BMW X3 with 5-Series headlights grafted onto the front end and a ridiculous side skirt along the doors. Recent spy shots, however, reveal a very different headlight design. See the fake image and actual photos courtesy of KillBoy after the jump...

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