Infiniti kills QX50

Infiniti's QX50 has reached the end of its life cycle. The crossover won't return for the 2018 model year, according to Motor Authority, but a brand-new second-generation model will arrive in showrooms in time for the 2019 model year. It's expected to make its debut either in Los Angeles or Detroit.   


Jaguar says XE Project 8 is 70 percent new

Jaguar's Project 8 doesn't share as many parts with the XE as you might think. Jaguar explained 70 percent of the parts are Project 8-specific. Only the roof panel and the door skins are shared with the standard XE, according to Autoblog.   


Lamborghini not interested in autonomous tech

Unsurprisingly, Lamborghini has confirmed it's not looking into integrating autonomous technology into its cars. The Urus will receive the usual assortment of driving aids, but R&D boss Maurizio Reggiani said Lamborghini will be "the last brand" to adopt full autonomy.   


Volvo: "Having a New Volvo XC40 Will be as Hassle Free as Having a Mobile Phone"

Volvo's new compact crossover represents more than just a fresh face in the compact crossover segment. It's also ushering in a new subscription plan that will allow buyers all the conveniences of having a vehicle without the burdens normally associated with the purchase and ownership experiences.


Product planner responsible for Plymouth Road Runner dead at 94

John L. Smith, the product planner responsible for green-lighting the Plymouth Road Runner, died last week at the age of 94, Hemmings Daily reports. He was also responsible for the Pontiac GTO-fighting Plymouth GTX.


From the Internet: Six-rotor BMW M6

That's right: six-rotor, not six-cylinder. Road & Track found this monster swap recipient for sale in a South African Facebook marketplace. The engine was built by a shop based in New Zealand that specializes in rotary engines, so the work is likely top-notch. No word on dyno numbers, but it's got to be a monster.


Rimac to show next new model in Geneva

Croatian startup Rimac will preview its second model next year at the Geneva Auto Show. Automotive News reports the yet-unnamed car will put the brand on the path to autonomy. Production will be limited to 200 examples.   


Next Volkswagen Golf to debut in 2020

The eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf will make its debut in 2020, a company spokesman has confirmed. It will make its debut about a month after the brand's first I.D.-badged model breaks cover.   


Hyundai: German cars use too much tech

Hyundai executive Albert Biermann criticized Germany's luxury brands for packing too many useless tech features into their cars. "In our G90 you will not find any air suspension, or active roll bars, or active whatever. A camera sensing the road, and this stuff. It's stupid," he told Drive.   


Toyota to resurrect Celica badge?

Patent filings suggest Toyota is preparing to resurrect the Celica nameplate. The Japanese company moved to protect its emblematic moniker late last month. Of course, automakers routinely register names to protect their intellectual property, so the filings don't guarantee we'll see a new Celica soon.