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Ferrari confirms new hybrid model for 2019

by Drew Johnson

Ferrari\'s hybrid system could debut in the company\'s upcoming SUV.

Ferrari will introduce its first traditional hybrid model by the end of next year, the company's chief executive officer has revealed. It's possible the hybrid drivetrain could make its debut in Ferrari's upcoming utility vehicle model.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed that Ferrari will launch its first production series hybrid in about 18 months' time. Unlike the limited edition LaFerrari, which used a kinetic energy recovery system, Marchionne says the next hybrid Ferrari model will use a traditional gas-electric system.

"We're going to embrace electrification and make it a mainstay," he told Autocar.

Traditionally Ferrari hasn't had to worry much about emissions because the company sells fewer than 10,000 cars per year, making it exempt from CO2 targets. However, with the introduction of its first-ever SUV, Ferrari is expected to smash through the 10,000 unit barrier. That means Ferrari will need a hybrid system in order to comply with global emissions regulations.

"Once we have more than that, it will be an issue," Marchionne said, referring to the 10,000 unit production mark. "But I think with the hybrids we will be fine."

Marchionne didn't reveal which Ferrari model would usher in the new hybrid tech, but the timing indicates it could be the automaker's new SUV. The yet-to-be-named Ferrari SUV is expected to launch next year and could be the logical place to debut the fuel-saving tech. Moreover, Lamborghini will soon introduce a hybrid drivetrain for its new Urus SUV, so a hybrid SUV would put Ferrari on equal ground with its cross-country rival.