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Ferrari odometer rollback device detailed in lawsuit document

by Justin King

If genuine, the document suggests Ferrari was aware that its \'Deis Tester\' tool was being used to reset odometers to zero miles.

Allegations that Ferrari dealers had used a potentially illegal device to rollback odometers on used vehicles have been corroborated by a technical bulletin that followed the initial reports.

A disgruntled worker's lawsuit over wrongful termination last year included a potential bombshell, claiming that Ferrari dealers could use a 'Deis Tester' tool to set the digital odometer on any modern Ferrari to zero miles.

A Ferrari North America technical bulletin, uncovered in the lawsuit and cited by DailyMail, outlines a policy change in April 2017 -- a few months after the lawsuit was filed -- to prevent dealers from using the Deis Tester to reset odometers.

"As a result of these two actions, the odometer "reset to zero" functionality is being removed from the Deis Tester," the bulletin says.

The lawsuit claims former Sara Lee CEO Steve McMillan paid a technician to use the Deis Tester to rollback the odometer on a LaFerrari, adding around $1 million to the car's resale value.

The technical bulletin appears to corroborate allegations that use of the Deis Tester, including for the rollback function, requires authorization codes from Ferrari.

"The Ferrari entities published a written policy manual dating back to at least April 2010 specifically detailing how to perform an odometer rollback and expressly authorizing its use," the lawsuit claims.

The documents appear to fall short of identifying any case in which the Italian automaker explicitly approved such use, however.

It is unclear if the revelations have sparked any government investigations into the claims of fraud.